How to identify a font by a picture

You must have had a situation when you had to determine a font.

WhatTheFont can help you by their quite simple and original method. You upload a picture or use a link to an image if it’s online with the text written in the font you wish to identify and the service shows you the font names that suit the picture the most. The maximum resolution of the picture you can upload is 360×275 pixels and it should be GIF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP. Sometimes you’ll have to identify certain symbols depicted on the image in case the system doesn’t identify it correctly.

For the best results the developers have the following recommendations. The less the font size on the image, the less is the chance of identification. Optimal size of a single symbol is 100px as the bigger the size, the longer it takes to identify the symbol. Of course with the overall limit of the picture and that recommendation, most likely you’ll be able to fit just 3 or 4 symbols, but that’s more than enough to correctly identify the font. The service works nicely with color images, though it is much more precise with the black and white images.

After you upload the image, the picture analyzer starts to identify the symbols. If it failed to identify the font you can send the image to the forum where you’re most likely to be helped by the font enthusiasts.


Another awesome service to identify the font is WhatFontIs. Uploading an image to that service you can find out the font that was used to create it. It has a pretty big base of fonts to compare against and you can download some of those fonts.


WhatFontIs has 3 methods of finding a font:

1. In the first window you upload the image with the text you wish to identify and click Continue. If it fails to determine a specific symbol, you’ll be asked to help it by inputing the symbol in the text field. The more identified symbols there are, the greater the chance of finding the exact font used.

After that step, you’ll see three search options:

Display only free fonts or free alternative fonts
Display only commercial fonts or commercial alternative fonts
Display all fonts

Press the Continue button and see the list of fonts with links and names as well as a side-by-side comparison with the original image.

2. Almost the same as 1, but you use a link to an online picture instead of uploading one.

3. Search by name. After you input the name of a font, you can see other fonts that look similarly.